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W.A.B TF11

Locator IO92UQ

This again is a newer version of my logbook program.  To run this program, you must have Access 2007 or later, to use the Call Data section, you must have the Whitehorse Radio Amateur Callbook.


I would recommend you unzips this program into it's own directory and rename it 'Logbook'.  There is also an enclosed icon, of which you can use on your desktop.


This program also logs the time in GMT/UTC or local time and should work with all versions of the Whitehorse callbook.


In this version you can enter the directory path to the Whitehorse Callbook or press the browse button and browse for the directory path and select save.



Start up screen

Contact entry screen

(Don't forget, you must have Microsoft Access 2007 or later for this file to work).




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