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No longer trading. See model railway page for details.



This supplier is no longer trading under this name on eBay. If I ever find out the name he is now trading under I shall post it here.

The previous text concerning this supplier can be read here. All emails to and from the supplier can be read here. I will remove this, if the supplier honours his contract.

This is a very useful coaxial cable calculator and is now at version 5.3 This is just a miner update to 5.2. The righthand column is laid out with multiple half wavelengths, of which you will need to add one quarter wavelength to bring the aerial to resonance. The left-hand column is where all the cables, along with their velocity factor and cable loss per one hundred metres are listed. The centre column is where you enter the velocity factor and frequency and below that, after entering the necessary information, is the actual system loss that you will obtain. There is also the instructions on how to use.

Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog file for Thrustmaster's T.A.R.G.E.T software and Microsoft's new flight simulator has been added to the Flight Simulation page. Free to use as you wish.

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